Silverstone Innovation Centre

Whilst we were clearly going to need a reasonable space to develop and begin production of our electric motorcycles we were intrigued by a competition held by MEPC, the operators of the Silverstone Park, to promote their newly refurbished Innovation Centre based just outside the circuit at Silverstone.

We had to apply in writing outlining what we were trying to achieve and how being based at Silverstone would help us secure investment and move our project forward. We were lucky to make it through to being one of eight finalists.

The next stage was to undertake a presentation in more detail on the project development, company financials, etc. to a panel including representatives from banking, education and businesses with close ties to Silverstone.

Despite running a temperature and being rather unwell our presentation went well. In fact it went well enough for us to be offered a place in the Innovation Centre for six months and the support of business mentors to help accelerate our plans.

As of the 1st December we will officially be based at Silverstone which will have a massive impact on our progress. Even before moving there we have found having a Silverstone address makes a massive impact on how we are perceived, even companies we deal with in the US and China have heard of Silverstone which makes life so much easier than trying to explain where Buckingham is located within the UK.