Science Capital Low Carbon 2014

We were invited to pitch to a group of potential investors and business experts at an event held by Science Capital at Birmingham University.

As part of our involvement in the MIA Motorsport Valley Launchpad (MSVLP) we undertook a couple of sessions of pitch training to help us fine tune our pitching, both from a delivery skills point of view and a content one.

We delivered our pitch to the panel after supplying them with a copy of our Information Memorandum that we had developed as part of our preparation for the Motorsport Valley Meets The City event. This document was our medium length business overview, quite a bit longer than our Investment Opportunity Note and much, much shorter than our full Business Plan.

The panel seemed reasonably happy with our pitch and we had some interesting discussions on the current scope of the market in addition to some talking through some future growth opportunities we had in mind we had developed our high performance electric motorcycle and associated electric drive train projects.

We were pleasantly surprised to get a call a few days later saying that we had won the Science Capital Business Plan Award for the most promising initiative and most comprehensive business plan.