Who Are We?

Meteor Power was founded in 2013 to continue the development of innovative power trains and high performance electric and petrol motorcycles. With many years experience of racing at the highest level, creating and developing a completely new race series, or two, and building cutting edge race motorcycles we have the expertise to bring a new perspective to the challenge for the future.

Working with British designers and engineers Meteor Power are developing an all new high performance electric motorcycle for the road, taking fresh from the lab advances in technology and applying them at the forefront of green innovation.

The design and development is happening right now and could not be better timed given the current concerns over oil and the economic climate.

More importantly we want to encourage others to get involved and help push electric vehicle technology.

Who is involved?

MIST Suzuki Racing – British motorcycle racing team behind the initial concept and chassis design. Will be building the bike and racing it in the European electric motorcycle series and the World final in the USA.

GPMS Technology – British company spun out of Kenny Roberts’ MotoGP racing team. Providing world-class chassis design and modelling expertise. Highly regarded supplier of swing arms and other parts used by British and World Superbike teams.

Yasa Motors – British company created to further develop research from Oxford University in the design and production of class leading axial-flux electric motors. Already used
in many of the UK’s leading electric motorsport projects.

Motec Europe – UK based market leader in automotive electronics for leading motorcycle racing teams at British and World level. Support engine management, traction control strategies, data logging and other capabilities.